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Mohawk Nation Office Kahnawake Branch

Tuscaroras in the Civil War

Haudenosaunee Views in the Late Nineteenth Century

Treaty with the New York Indians, 1838. January 15, 1838. 7 Stat., 550.

Treaty with the Tuscarora Nation of Indians, 1803. 3KAPP0701

Treaty with the Six Nations, 1789. January 9, 1789. 7 Stat., 33.

Articles of Agreement Between the Chiefs, Etc., of the Six Nations of Indians and the Commissioners of Pennsylvania. January 9, 1789.

Agreement With the Five Nations, 1792. April 23, 1792.

Federal Power Commission V. Tuscarora Indian Nation , 362 US 99 (03-7-60)

The International Personality of Indigenous Peoples

Seneca Nation of Indians

Kanienkehaka Language Homepage

Wampum Belts and Treaties

New York State breaks off negotiations

Indian Defense Leauge of America

Last days for an ancient language

Glenn Welker's Iroquois Oral Traditions

Corn and the Indians of the Northeast

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About the Iroquois Constitution

The Iroquois Constitution

The Iroquois and the U.S./Canadian Border

1794 Treaty with the Oneidas and Tuscaroras

The Tuscarora War

Tuscarora Reservoir Protest (1958)

Tuscarora Crafts

Joseph Brant