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Fighting Tuscarora
Fighting Tuscarora : The Autobiography of Chief Clinton Rickard
by Clinton Rickard (Barbara Graymont, Editor)

"Rickard (1882-1971) was one of the greatest Indian leaders of this century. Had he lived in another century he might have been a Sitting Bull, a Black Hawk, or a Chief Joseph, for he was cut from the same cloth as these leaders. But Clinton Rickard lived and fought in this century, and the weapons he used were the law, public indignation, and diplomacy. . . . One of the most significant books published on the contemporary American Indian. Its rare insights into contemporary Indian problems make the book essential reading for anyone interested in understanding 20th century Indian politics and history."
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Mad Bear Mad Bear : Spirit, Healing, and the Sacred in the Life of a Native American Medicine Man
by Doug Boyd

Mad Bear was a member of the Bear Clan of the Tuscarora Nation of the Six-Nation Iroquois Confederacy of the United States and Canada. A Native American rights-activist, he was also a medicine man and a leader with great power and influence both among his own people and cross culturally. In this personal and captivating narrative, Doug Boyd recreates Mad Bear's tales of magic, his healing powers, and Natille American legends. Mad Bear creates a rich and colorful portrait of the fascinating life of this vibrant, spiritual man.
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The Reservation The Reservation by Ted Williams

The best modern work of Indian literature, a rough-edged brilliant, diamond of a book...Williams introduces us story by story to people who by the strokes of his depiction elicit our concern and love. Then , in a stirring recreation of ritual activity, he binds them together as a community. And then, without the slightest hint of self pity, he demonstrated the effects of American ways on this community of beloved people.
--Cross Currents
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Tuscarora New True Books: The Tuscarora (New True Books)
by Jill Duvall

New True Book from Childrens Press. A children's book about the Tuscarora with many photos, history and current facts.
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Indian Summers Indian Summers (Native American Series)
by Eric Gansworth

Indian Summers ranks with Winter in the Blood as one of the finest examples of Native American literature yet written. The plot-threads flow together beautifully, echoing the best of what is done in the genre of urban fiction, yet transposing this technique onto the detailed world of a reservation. Gansworth is sure to become an important writer. One of the best first novels I've read in years.
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