Floyd G. Lounsbury and Annemarie Shimony have pointed out to me certain parallels among the Wisconsin Oneida and the Grand River Cayuga. On the Oneida reservation in Wisconsin, the children go about from house to house on New Year's Day, January 1, collecting doughnuts. The Cayuga children on the Six Nations Reserve on the Grand River in Ontario go to the homes of their fathers' relatives (not necessarily clansmen) on New Year's Day and collect doughnuts or gingerbread men. It is believed that this custom among the Cayugas fell into abeyance about fifteen years ago. Mohawk informants from Six Nations Reserve indicate that the custom is practiced among other tribes as well as the Cayuga. The children up to ages twelve or fourteen go about visiting and receive candies, cookies, pennies, or the doll. This seems still to be practiced, at least among the Mohawks. In distinction to the Tuscaroras, only the children on these reserves go visiting.