The main informant for this article was Clinton Rickard of the Beaver Clan, the eldest member of the Tuscarora tribe living on the reservation in Niagara County, New York. He was born in 1882 and has lived his whole life on the reservation. He has become quite prominent because of his work over the years on behalf of Indian rights. He also wants the younger generation of Indians to be acquainted with the history. traditions, and folklore of their people. With this view in mind, he has worked extensively with me in recording numerous texts. Melvin Patterson, a Tonawanda pertinent material on the background and New Year Festival. He learned much of s from his grandfather, William Patterson, who was a prominant member of the tribe. The text material for this study was recorded in March, 1966. I personally witnessed the ceremony which was held from December 30, 1966 to January 2, 1967.