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United States Laws (Acts) by Popular Name

This listing is provided to bring to light areas of United States Law applying to American Indians for those interested in learning more about it. The Acts are cited by Popular name which allows a researcher to find the acts in the Congressional Legislation. If you find other laws relating to American Indians that I have inadvertantly overlooked, please let me know so I can make this list complete as possible. Thank you and good luck in your research.

Adult Indian Vocational Training Act

American Indian Agricultural Resources Management Act

American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian Culture and Art Development Act

American Indian Religious Freedom Act

American Indian Trust Fund Management Reform Act of 1994

Indian Affairs Administration Act

Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1986

Indian Arts and Crafts Act

Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act

Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978

Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968

Indian Claims Commission Act

Indian Claims Limitations Act of 1982

Indian Crimes Act of 1976

Indian Dams Safety Act of 1994

Indian Depredation Act

Indian Education Act

Indian Education Assistance Act

Indian Education Technical Amendments Act of 1985

Indian Employment, Training and Related Services Demonstration Act of 1992

Indian Environmental General Assistance Program Act of 1992

Indian Environmental Regulatory Enhancement Act of 1990

Indian Financing Act of 1974

Indian Financing Act Amendments of 1984

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

Indian General Allotment Act

Indian Health Amendments of 1992

Indian Health Care Amendments of 1980

Indian Health Care Amendments of 1988

Indian Health Care Amendments of 1990

Indian Health Care Improvement Act

Indian Housing Act

Indian Land Consolidation Act

Indian Lands Open Dump Cleanup Act of 1994

Indian Law Enforcement Reform Act

Indian Law Technical Amendments of 1987

Indian Long-Term Leasing Act

Indian Major Crimes Act

Indian Mineral Development Act of 1982

Indian Omnibus Law

Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, the Arapaho National Recreation Area and the Oregon Islands Wilderness Area Act

Indian Reogranization Act

Indian Self-Determination Act

Indian Self-Determination Act Amendments of 1994

Indian Self-Determination and Educational Assistance Act

Indian Self-Determination and Educational Assistance Act Amendments of 1988

Indian Self-Determination and Educational Assistance Act Amendments of 1990

Indian Self-Determination Contract Reform Act of 1994

Indian Tribal Governmental Tax Status Act of 1982

Indian Tribal Judgment Funds Use or Distribution Act

Indian Tribal Justice Act

Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act

Native American Languages Act

Native American Programs Act

Native American Veterans' Memorial Establishment Act of 1994

Native Americans Educational Assistance Act

Native Hawaiian Education Act

Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act

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