Native American Performers (NAP)


NAP is an organized group of Native Americans whose intentions are to represent the culture of our people in a positive and productive manner. Through cultural workshops and presentations, we allow the non-native to gain a better understanding of what culture means to us as a people.


Keith Colston a Tuscarora-Lumbee originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina now resides in Baltimore, Maryland. His knowledge of dance and spirituality of Native peoples has been shared with people around the world. From Canada to Mexico City, Mexico; from Hawaii to Germany he has changed minds to a positive outlook for his people. The fifteen years Keith has taught and performed has allowed him to touch the hearts of the young and change the eyes of the old. Through dance, communication becomes more of a reality than a thought.


The performance that will take place will not only be entertaining but highly educational. The Performer will come dressed in their Native American attire and explain the significance of each part and item. There are four dances that are shared with the audience during the presentation. The Crow Hop, Snake Dance, Men's Fancy and the Round Dance are inter-tribal dances that are apart of our gatherings and "pow-wows". The dances are explained in detail and audience participation is welcomed. Explanation of the music is given and how it connects to the dance and as a whole to the culture. Throughout the event, stereo-types are dispelled and discussion takes place between the performer and the audience. It is the belief of each member that we do not let society rule who we are yet it is the culture that states who we are as a people.

Contact Information

NAP and the members are affiliated with many groups and organizations. We work together for the benefit of all "our" people. The positive awareness to all people to understand our culture and spirituality is as equally important. If you would like more information about NAP, please contact Keith Colston who is the Baltimore affiliate. The number to contact is (410) 675-3535. If references of past performances are needed, they can be provided through fax or mailing.

Keith Colston
Native American Performers (NAP)