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Hiawatha - The Iroquois Nation - The story that began Democracy
The story of how the Iroquois Nation came into being. The American Indians had such spirit and heart that it is still our major key frequency here in the US. Just a little look back on how greatness comes when the old is surrendered and the higher order of peace and unification takes over.

The People of the Longhouse
A Documentary Short on the Iroquois Indian's lifestyle inside a longhouse created by Westbrook Shortell, Daniel Jackson, Dan Scharfenberger and Nicholas Varga.

Jake Swamp shares part of the Peace Makers Journey
Jake Swamp, Mohawk, or the People of the Longhouse/ Iroquois, shares part of the Journey of the Peace Maker. He is sharing this story at the 2007 Elders & Youth Gathering which was located on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana.

The Iroquois: Keepers of the Eastern Door
This is the 4th episode of the series The Iroquois produced in 1991 this episode is entitled. "The Keepers of the Eastern Door"

Do You Prefer to be Called Native American or Indian?
Do You Prefer to be Called Native American or Indian?

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