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R. H. Gillet, Commissioner.


Dao-nepho-gah, or Little Johnson,
Da-ga-o-geas, or Daniel Twoguns,
Gee-odow-neh, or Captain Pollard,
Joh-nes-ha-dih, or James Stevenson,
Hure-hau-stock, or Captain Strong,
So-ne-a-ge, or Captain Snow,
Hau-neh-hoy's-oh, or Blue Eyes,
Haw-naw-wah-es, or Levi Halftown,
Goat-hau-oh, or Billy Shanks,
Hau-sa-nea-nes, or White Seneca,
Howah-do-goh-deh, or George Bennet,
Hays-tah-jih, or Job Pierce,
Sho-nan-do-wah, or John Gordon,
Noh-sok-dah, or Jim Jonas,
Shaw-neh-dik, or William Johnson,
Gaw-neh-do-au-ok, or Reuben Pierce,
Shaw-go-nes-goh-sha-oh, or Morris Halftown,
Shaw-go-za-sot-hoh, or Jacob Jameson,
Gua-wa-no-oh, or George Big Deer,
Joh-que-ya-suse, or Samuel Gordon,
Gua-ne-oh-doh, or Thompson S. Harris,
Gau-geh-queh-doh, or George Jimeson,
Hon-non-de-uh, or Nathaniel T. Strong,
Nuh-joh-gau-eh, or Tall Peter,
Sho-nauk-ga-nes, or Tommy Jimmy,
So-joh-gwa-us, or John Tall Chief,
Shau-gau-nes-es-tip, or George Fox,
Go-na-daw-goyh, or Jabez Stevenson,
Tit-ho-yuh, or William Jones,
Juneah-dah-glence, or George White, by his agent White Seneca,
Gau-nu-su-goh, or Walter Thompson, by his agent Daniel Twoguns,
Dau-ga-se, or Long John,
Gua-sa-we-dah, or John Bark,
Gau-ni-dough, or George Lindsay,
Ho-ma-ga-was, or Jacob Bennet,
On-di-heh-oh, or John Bennet,
Nis-ha-nea-nent, or Seneca White,
Ha-dya-no-doh, or Maris Pierce,
Yoh-dih-doh, or David White,
James Shongo,
Ka-non-da-gyh, or William Cass,
Ni-ge-jos-a, or Samuel Wilson,
Jo-on-da-goh, or John Seneca.


Ka-nat-soyh, or Nicholas Cusick,
Sacharissa, or William Chew,
Kaw-we-ah-ka, or William Mt. Pleasant,
Kaw-re-a-rock-ka, or John Fox,
Gee-me, or James Cusick,
Ju-hu-ru-at-kak, or John Patterson,
O-tah-guaw-naw-wa, or Samuel Jacobs,
Ka-noh-sa-ta, or James Anthony,
Gou-ro-quan, or Peter Elm,
Tu-nak-she-a-han, or Daniel Peter.

Oneidas residing in the State of New-York, for themselves and their parties:

Baptiste Powlis,
Jonathan Jordan.

Oneidas at Green Bay:

John Anthony,
Honjoit Smith,
Henry Jordan,
Thomas King.

St. Regis:

Eleazer Williams, chief and agent.

Oneidas residing on the Seneca Reservation:

Hon-no-ne-ga-doh, or Silversmith, (For himself and in behalf of his nation.)
Hoge-wayhtah, or William Jacket,
Sah-hu-gae-ne, or Button George.

Principal Onondaga Warriors, in behalf of themselves and the Onondaga Warriors:

Ka-noh-qua-sa, or William John,
Dah-gu-o-a-dah, or Noah Silversmith.


Skok-no-eh, or King William,
Geh-da-or-loh, or James Young,
Gay-on-wek, or Jack Wheelbarrow,
D'yo-ya-tek, or Joseph Isaac, For themselves and in behalf of the nation.

Principal Cayuga Warriors, in behalf of themselves and the Cayuga Warriors:

Hah-oh-u, or John Crow,
Ho-na-e-geh-dah, or Snow Darkness,
Gone-ah-ga-u-do, or Jacob G. Seneca,
Di-i-en-use, or Ghastly Darkness,
Hon-ho-gah-dyok, or Thomas Crow,
Wau-wah-wa-na-onk, or Peter Wilson,
So-en-dagh, or Jonathan White,
Sago-gan-e-on-gwus, or Harvey Rowe,
To-ga-ne-ah-doh, or David Crow,
Soh-win-dah-neh, or George Wheeler,
Do-goh-no-do-nis, or Simon Isaac,
He-dai-ses, or Joseph Peter,
Sa-go-di-get-ka, or Jacob Jackson.


James Stryker, Sub-agent, Six Nations, New York Indians.
Nathaniel T. Strong, United States' Interpreter, New York agency.
H. B. Potter.
Orlando Allen.
H. P. Wilcox.
Charles H. Allen.
Horatio Jones.
Spencer H. Cone.
W. W. Jones.
J. F. Schermerhorn.
Josiah Trowbridge.
(To the Indian names are subjoined a mark and seal.)
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