Fort Neoheroka Excavation 
and Artifacts

The following photos are of artifacts taken from Fort Neoheroka, or are photos of the site itself.  

What is not shown are the thermal images of the ground where the mass grave lies.  Images of over 900 skulls were found.  That makes this the largest Indian massacre burial site in the country.   In this soil, which is acid, bones deteriorate quickly, but because of the fire set to burn down the fort at the end of the battle, the bones were sealed, preserving the calcium and other minerals of the bone, which show on thermal imaging.  Dried peaches and peas were also found, sealed in this manner by the fire.


Tomahawk heads, spear points, in the box and above are bone needles for weaving , lower right corner bone fish hooks, the stones with holes are arrow straighteners.   Similar ones are used today, just not made out of stone.


Large cookware, approx. 24 inches tall 


Same cookware again but trying to show the parts not burned that were probably broken and  buried in the sand before the fire.